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What are eyelash extensions? Here’s what you should know

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up to full, long, thick, and wispy lashes every single day? Everyone dream of having full lashes but in most cases, even the best mascaras aren't of help. What is left to do for struggling eyelashes? Thankfully, eyelash extensions are here to save the day. It's like an answered prayer for women who want their eyes and lashes to look selfie-ready without constantly re-applying mascara every few hours.

If you are searching for the best eyelash extensions in Melbourne, you have come to the right place. But first, you need to know how eyelash extensions work, and if there are certain precautions you have to make. That way, you can choose the best style for you and extend the life of the results.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions work the same way as hair extensions do, but for your eyes. They are made with synthetic material called PBT that is individually applied to your natural eyelashes. Just like hair extensions, you can find them in a variety of lengths, thickness, and styles.

It takes a skilled and certified lash technician to apply the extensions to your lashes to achieve maximum precision. At Lash Jungle, lash artists will evaluate several factors such as natural eye shape and bone structure to determine the best style of lashes to use. This will ensure that the extensions look as natural as possible and to enhance the natural beauty and shape of your eyes.

What is the difference between classic, hybrid, and volume eyelash extensions?

As mentioned above, there are different types of eyelash extensions available.

The Classic set includes one synthetic lash that is applied onto one natural lash to create the look of 1-2 coats of mascara. It is designed to be as full as the amount of natural lashes you have so it is recommended for everyday wear, or for beginners.

However, if you have sparse lashes and want to fill out the gap or prefer more dramatic look, classic lash extensions won't be the most suitable fit for you.

For the Volume set, you can get multiple extensions applied to each natural lash to achieve a more voluminous look. With this set, your eyelashes will look fuller and fluffier. A typical volume eyelash extension is between 0.03mm and 0.07mm. Using a thinner, lighter extensions allows for more extensions to be applied to a single lash safely.

The last type of eyelash extension is the Hybrid set. This is a mix of the above two types of lashes: classic and volume lashes and is a perfect fit if you want little more coverage, but aren't ready for full volume. Integrating both classic and volume techniques, it can create definition of classic with the added fullness of volume.

Eyelash extensions vs. False eyelashes

<False eyelashes>

Why spend more money on eyelash extensions when you can get the falsies? The answer is simple: false eyelashes are only designed for overnight use. It is glued to your natural eyelashes and applied as a strip to be removed at the end of the day. They are easy to apply but they are good for short-term use only. Some falsies fall off quite easily (and are not good for swimming).

With a professional eyelash extension, you can get more long-lasting results that can last for weeks. Each extension is applied to every natural lash to help maintain a natural, healthy, and long-term shed cycle. It ensures that it won't damage your natural lashes. It is a great option if you want to maintain the look of your lashes even when doing certain activities such as swimming, working out at the gym, etc.

< I woke up like this! >

When you are on a holiday, eyelash extensions are a great way to keep your eye beauty look on point. The last thing you would want to do on a holiday is spend hours trying to perfect your eye makeup. With the use of extensions, you can skip the whole eye makeup routine and just go on with sightseeing and any other activities you have planned. And you won’t have to worry about looking your best in your holiday photos, as well!

Which eyelash extensions are best for me?

At Lash Jungle, we offer three options for lash styles to suit your eye shape and lash health.

The Natural Eye is recommended for those with weak or fine lashes. This lash style provides naturally added length and thickness to your lashes.

If you have rounded or close-set eyes, the Cat Eye lash style is best for you. The lashes extend to the outer corner of the eyes to elongate the width of your eyes and make it look more dramatic.

For those with hooded and wide-set eyes, the Doll Eye is recommended for you. It helps to open up your eyes and make them appear bigger and brighter.

At Lash Jungle, you can access the advice and expertise of eyelash technicians who will conduct a one-on-one consultation with every client. This consultation is designed so that our lash technicians can assess the health of your natural lashes, as well as to determine whether your desired style is a good fit for your natural lashes. This is how we can provide customised and one-of-a-kind lashes for each and every client.

If you have more questions about getting the right eyelash extensions in Melbourne, feel free to set up an appointment with us.

Are eyelash extensions worth it?

The adage says, "Eyes are windows to the soul." If you abide by this, then you know your search for the best eyelash extensions near me is going to be worth every effort and penny you spend. With proper care, eyelash extensions can last up to 8 weeks until they fall out naturally.

It might seem trivial but something as minute as your eyelashes can have a huge impact on your overall confidence. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you can do greater things.

If you've contemplated on getting eyelash extensions near Prahran, Windsor or Chapel Street, this is your reminder that you need to go for it! Throw away your old mascara and get the lashes of your dreams. You deserve it.


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