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Everything You Need To Know About Lash Lifts

Updated: Apr 7

We (the Lash Jungle – a beauty salon offering eyelash extensions and a lash lift in Windsor) have heard it all.


“I have long, straight eyelashes that sit quite low making me appear tired all the time, please help.’’


“I crave a voluminous twiggy moment and my short lashes do me no favours. I`ve experimented with countless curlers and mascara in vain. And while eyelash extensions I got months ago yielded fluttery results, they are too high maintenance. Any advice?"

And guess what?

We usually find a solution – every time.

Recently, it`s been lash lifts all day any day as the need to counter the effects of gravity and still retain a natural look intensifies. It`s a treatment that health-conscious clients are eager to understand; and we couldn`t be happier to be helping you demystifying the hype that`s lash lifts.

So let`s dive right in, starting with …

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is a cost-effective, semi-permanent treatment that gives your natural lashes the lift and curls you so crave. The procedure takes 45-60 minutes after which you`ll be ripping the benefits of waking up with curled lashes; all without the high-maintenance of lash extensions.

With that in mind, are you a right candidate for a lash lift?

Who should get a lash lift?

Experts agree that long & straight lashes are the most ideal for a lift service.

Nonetheless, the lash lift & tint treatment is great for people who:

  • Have downward facing or drooping lashes and want perfectly curled lashes

  • Love a more natural look

  • React to lash extensions

  • Don’t want the maintenance or cost of eyelash extensions

  • Have light lashes and are in need of extra depth and darkness without the aid of a mascara

  • Want to reduce time for makeup

  • Have Epiphora (that is, their eyes like shedding tears making it impossible for them to wear makeup or extensions)

  • Are looking to nurse damaged eyelashes back to health. For in the least, a lash lift eliminates the need for eye makeup such as curlers and mascara whose removal process can be damaging to them.

Note, the treatment isn't for you if you`re looking for a capital-D drama; but if it is, here`s…

Lash lift dos and don'ts before the treatment

At Lash Jungle, we encourage you to do the following before a lash lift treatment.

  • Refrain from using eyelash curler from a day before your appointment

  • Avoid caffeine intake prior to your appointment (for your safety & comfort) - otherwise your eyes might become very fluttery and it’s not great when we work with sharp object around eyes

  • Remove contact lenses before the application

  • Silence your phone as this is your chance to relax and unwind or even have a nap for an hour (procedure is completely painless)

  • We’ll go through a thorough consultation, let us know if you`re sensitive/allergic to any ingredients contained in the lifting solution or any products used, not forgetting any existing medical conditions.

  • Once an agreement is reached, kick back, close your eyes for an hour or so and let the artist work their magic.

How does lash lift work?

A Lash lift follows an easy procedure as described below.

First, the lash artist applies a gel-like pad under your eyes to separate your bottom lashes from upper lashes.

Next, a silicone shield is adhered to the upper eyelid; whose purpose is to mold the lash curl. Note, silicone shields come in different sizes and yield different results. For instance, small shields yield dramatic results as compared to larger shields. Thus, the lash technician will select a size that will yield the desired results.

Your lashes are then brushed back over the silicone shield and treated with a lifting cream. The cream is left to sit for 6 to 8 minutes depending on how strong and thick your lashes are – determined in the consultation phase.

The lifting cream is followed by a setting solution to lock the curl in place – a process that takes another 5 minutes depending on the desired outcome.

A gloss-like applicator is then used to remove the setting solution and your lashes are ready for tint if need be.

At Lash Jungle we offer an add-on service called ‘ReGen’ which nourishes and hydrates your lashes to minimise possible damage and promote growth. We then finish off by applying keratin serum to prevent possible lash dryness after the treatment.

Lash lift before and after

There`s nothing as crucial as the moment of truth! The time to see the results of 1 hour or so lying on your back --- during which nightmares of there being a possibility of destroying your eyelashes are intermingled with countless sensations!

We understand the anxiety and curiosity… and expect you to wake up headed to the mirror right away.

No need to worry though…

We (the Lash Jungle) not only guarantee quality services – long, full, and perked lashes but also achieve the hoped-for results as seen below.

Lash lift and tint before and after at Lash Jungle

Click here if you'd like to check out more lash lift before and after photos!

Lash lift aftercare

After the lash lift & tint treatment comes the maintenance in which the following 24 hours are crucial.

  • Avoid moisture, excess steam, water, shampoo, makeups, creams, eye serums or oils around the eye area

  • Do not rub or pull lashes

  • Try to sleep on your back

  • Do not use eyelash curler

  • Use a lash serum daily but wait 24 hours to apply

Note, it`s totally okay to use mascara, eyeliner, and other eye makeup 24 hours after the treatment.

How long does a lash lift last?

Normally, a lash lifts last between 6 and 8 weeks – your eyelash life cycle.

However, their durability can be affected by the

  • Where you go and the experience/skill set of the artist doing the lifting as well as the quality of lifting and setting lotion used. Therefore, do some research and only settle on certified beauty salons doing lash lifts near you.

  • How well you follow the aftercare instructions for the first 24 hours.

Thus be vigilant.

Lash lift or lash extensions?

Are lash lifts worth it?

First of all, we didn`t list fewer cons than pros to persuade you in anyway ha-ha. In fact, the worthship question is well deserved.

1 hour in the salon where I`ll spend about $70 to $100 for a treatment that will last for about 6 to 8 weeks; man, is it worth it?

Well, there`s no denying the countless compliments you`ll receive regarding your lashes after a lash lift. In fact, with our treatment, the attention is likely to morph you into a bona fide lash lift evangelist, sharing lift’s good news with everyone from your BFF to the bartender.

But you ain`t in it for compliments so…

Looking at its durability (up to 8 weeks), the time saved (by minimising makeup time), and its low maintenance compared to lash extensions or pain associated with gluing falsies to your lid; we`d say lash lifts are, hands-down, worth every penny.

Say goodbye to your old mascara!

How often should you get a lash lift?

So you cannot live without your luscious lashes and are wondering how often you should have a lift done?

Well, the lifted lashes are your own and given that their 6 to 8 weeks life cycle, it`s safe to say that you might need a lift done after every 8 to 10 weeks, or otherwise end up with double processed lashes which can look damaged.

In fact, the era of lash lifts damaging the eyes and lashes is behind us (unless done by inexperienced technicians) and thus you can have as regular lifts as you see fit. The number per year is limited only by your preference and sometimes money issues.

Note, you’ll not be able to get lash extensions at least 2 months after a lash lift, as the lash extensions are really hard to be applied on curly lashes, thus retention wouldn’t be great. If you don’t want to wait, you can have ‘lash lift reversal’ which will straighten your lashes back to normal.

Lash lift gone wrong

There`s nothing as devastating as waiting for a whole hour to have your lashes lifted only for both eyes to turn out differently. One eye being barely curled while the other is completely curled back on itself – basically stuck to your eyelid. You look at yourself in the mirror and there`s no way you can get through the next 8 weeks looking like that!

Unfortunately, we can`t ignore the probability of lash lifts going wrong. And it`s higher in cases of inexperienced technicians who are likely to over-process the lashes or use too tight curls that result in lashes curling back and hitting the lid.

Thus, do your due diligence, it`s your eyes – nothing can be more important. Read online reviews, study the artist’s social media pages, and be wary of enticing deals such as low cost. Be sure to visit a quality salon with skilled and certified personnel – prevention is always better, right?

If your lashes are too over processed and look frizzy, it’s best to not use eyelash curlers, pick or rub them. It is strongly recommended to use a lash serum to make them nourished and hydrated, whilst promoting new growth for them to come out faster.

Lash Lift & Tint at Lash Jungle

We go through a comprehensive consultation before the procedure where we evaluate your natural lashes (how full they are, length, thickness, etc.) whilst considering your eye shape.

We then custom design your desired results by choosing different curls from our pull of 30 + differently-sized and shaped silicone rods and determining the right procedural timing based on your lash texture to ensure they are not over or under-processed.

We do provide eyelash tint too for clients with light and fair-looking hair.

Check out our website and book your appointment online today for your eyelash makeover!


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